Nordic Nice Ceramic Flower Pot with With Flowers/Plants

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【Style】Desktop decoration flower art
【Excellent】The flower is especially suitable for household scenes such as porch, study, TV
cabinet and bedroom, so as to improve the grade of the family in an instant
【Gift】A small Christmas gift, a big action, is not only a kind of decoration but also a kind of
affectionate blessing to the people you care about and those who care about you
【Space】Beautiful and creative decoration can instantly improve the taste and style of home
decoration. No matter what kind of home style and space, it can be matched with creative
【Note】 is normal to have wrinkles and scratches on the surface when making by hand
2. The vase is painted manually, so uneven coloring is inevitable, and there are occasional small
spots or bubbles in the manufacturing process. Please understand.

Material: Ceramic Vase With Artificial Flowers / Plants
Pot Size : 8.5 Cm
Color :
Black pot + water chestnut grass
Black pot + aloe Vera
Red Pot + Red Lotus
Red Pot + Shrimp
Red Pot + Two Lotus
Red Pot + 6-headed cactus
Red Pot + Agave
Yellow Pot + 9-headed cactus
Yellow Pot + Red Lotus
Yellow Pot + Two Lotus
Yellow Pot + Pearl
Green Pot + Air pineapples
Green Pot + Thousand needle
Green Pot + Fairy particle
Green Pot + Dragon Whisker
White Pot + Multi Bud
White Pot + Waterlily
White Pot + Fairy particles

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